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Kendriya Vidyalaya Jhagrakhand
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 Regional Sport Meet 2011-2012(Medal WInners)-2011-09-06

SNo Students Name Class Sport Pos
1 Ayush Sagar VIIA Badminton I(U-14)
2. Sraddha XIA Chess I(U-19)
3. priti IXA Athletics I(100mtrs)
4. priti IXA Athletics III(400mt)
5.DurgeshYadav VIIIB Athletics I(100mt)
6.DurgeshYadav VIIIB Athletics I(200mt)
7.Vijay Pal XB Athletics III(Long Jump)
8.Neeraj C XIIA Athletics II(200mt)
9.Neeraj C XIIA Athletics III(100mt)
10.Damini D XIA Athletics II(100mt)
11.Damini D XIA Athletics II(Long Jump)
12.Damini D XIA Athletics II(200mt)
13.Aprajita XIA Athletics III(Shot Put)
14.Jini S VIIIB Athletics III(Long Jump)
15.Jini S VIIIB Athletics(U-14G) I(4X100)
Nikita Pandey VIIIC
Anshu Singh VIIIA
Mitali Singh VIIIC
16.DaminiD XI Athletics(U-14G) I(4X100)
Varsha Rathore XIIA
Aprajita XIB
Anuradha XIB
17. Kripa Shankar IXB
Vijay Pal XB
Shubhash Paswan XA
Raju Singh IXA

 The Following Students are Selected for KVS National meet -2011-2012-0000-00-00

Sl.No. Name Class Sports
1. Ayushi Sagar VIIA Badminton
2. Shraddha XIA Chess
3. Preeti IXA 400mts
4. Durgesh Yadav VIIIB 100 &200 mts

 Games & Sports-0000-00-00

The Admin of this vidyalaya is yet to update the information provided in this section
 Infrastructure and Achievements in Games and sports -0000-00-00

Infrastructure :
There are many facilities for Indoor and Outdoor games in our Vidyalaya.

Indoor Games : Table Tennis, Chess, Leudo, Carrom is played as indoor games and a Badminton court for practice is also available.

Outdoor Games : Volleyball court , football field, Khokho ground and 200m Athletics Track is there in our vidyalaya to conduct all types of sports such as running, jumping and throws events.

 Achievements in 2008-09-0000-00-00

Usually as previous years this year also so many students of our vidyalaya are participated in various games and sports competitions which are conducted by KVS at different levelssuch as cluster,regional & national.

Approximately 60 students from our vidyalaya have participated in different types of sports competitions like Athletics,volleyball,khokho,Judo and Tae-k-wando,badmintonand table tenis.
More than 15 students have selected to national level.

One student of our vidyalaya Ku. Pragati Anant class XI got first position in long jump and second position in100mtrs race at national level.