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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय झगराखंड
Kendriya Vidyalaya Jhagrakhand
welcome to K V jhagrakhand
CMP Initiatives
 First Aid-Mr. N. Arya-PRT-EVS-All primary Classes

Helping the children in need-Yes-First Aid is being provided to the students in small injuries wound etc during school time.
 Sports-Mr. D. K. Patel-PRT-Sports-All primary Classes

Physical Fitness-Yes-To keep the students physically fit many physical/ sports activities are going on.
 Primary Computer Lab-Mr. Nilesh Sharma-Computer Instructor-Computer Awareness-III to V

To be familiar with the current scenario-Yes-Students of the classes III to V are learning computers beside the syllabus of their classes and also being familiar with the Internet and how to find the requisite information.
 CMP ACTIVITIES-Mr. A. A. Siddiqui-HM--

All the activities under CMP as per the guidelines given by KVS/RO/RTE are in function in with full strength.
-Yes-Activity Room is fully equipped by all recommended articles like computers with broad band connectivity, photocopier machine, projector, television, dvd player etc and biggest room of the primary section is developed as activity room.
Teachers are teaching through activity method.
Utilization of TLM is going on.
Power point presentations are going on day wise.

 Presentation-Mr. Sachin G. Basode-PRT-English-IV & V

Revision and grammar.-Yes-Power point presentations for all the lessons are prepared and teaching going through it.
 Stationary for Activity Room-Mr. A. A. Siddiqui-HM--All primary Classes

Use of TLM-Yes-TLM money rupees 2000 per month is utilizing to purchase required material by different subject teachers.

Welcome of new commers.-Yes-45 days School Readyness Program took place in proper manner PRINCIPAL, HM and Class teachers Welcomed the new commers and taken a meeting of parents to brief about the program.
 Community Lunch-Ms. T. D. Badgaiyan-PRT--All primary Classes

National Integration-Yes-All primary students are taking lunch class wise together with the class teachers and learning sharing and caring along with National Integration.
 CCE-Mr. J. Lakra-PRT-All-All primary Classes

Assessment of learners.-Yes-Implementation of CCE is done assessment of students in all classes going on as per the recommendation of CCE. cycle system for class I and II and F.A. & S.A. for class III-V.
Teachers are preparing result with the use of software provided by RO Raipur.

 Film show-Mr. A. Chowdhury-PRT-Film-All primary Classes

Moral Education-Yes-Class wise weekly film shows are going on after showing movies teachers are discussing with the students about the moral of the movies.
 Charts , Pictures-Mr. T. K. Sahu-PRT- EVS/HINDI-IV & V

To show the picture of related topics.-Yes-Teachers are preparing charts and posters with the pictures of animals, plants, body parts, word charts etc to improve the creativity.
 CCA-Mr. T. D. Badgaiyan-PRT--All primary Classes

To increase creativity.-Yes-Many competitions are going on weekly basis to improve the creativity among the children.
 NEWS LETTER-Mr. M. K. B. Nanir-PRT--All primary Classes

To show the hidden talents of the learners.-Yes-School is going to publish News Letter to show the glimpses of activities of all primary students under CMP.
 Medical Checkup-Ms. R. Kesharwani-PRT--All primary Classes

Health and Hygiene -Yes-First round medical checkup of all primary students is planned to be completed in the month of October. Second round medical checkup will be done in the month of January.